I’m starting a new thing where every week, I post a quick review of a webcomic I enjoy reading. I’m going to give you a quick breakdown of what the strip is about, what I like about it, and why you should be reading it. I Will not post any webcomics I don’t like; it’s a waste of my time and a waste of yours.

Comic’s name: PvP
Creators: Scott Kurtz
URL: www.pvponline.com
What is the comic about: The ups, downs, twists and turns of life at a high profile video game magazine.
How is comic drawn: full-color, four panel strip, stylishly cartoony.
How often updated: Daily
What else does the website offer: merchandise, opportunities to buy prints of comics, collected editions, and a blog by Scott.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: fits a lot onto its site cleanly. Ads are there, but they don’t get in the way. Comic strip is front and center, and you don’t have to fish to get the latest strip. It’s also easy to get to earlier strips. This looks like the site of a guy who does this for a living.
What do I like about the strip: I like the site’s simple, witty without being snarky, humor. The characters are also well-developed and endearing, and you want to know what happens to these guys. I also like when he takes breaks, and gives other webcomic artists opportunities to do guest strips and promote their own webcomics on his site. I was introduced to a lot of new strips that way.
Why should YOU read it: This is probably the 2nd most well-known webcomic on the internet. It pokes fun at the geek community while at the same time developing storylines for its central characters. They grow, age, mature, get married, and have ongoing lives, even while the jokes are flying. A very easy strip to like. On top of that, Kurtz’s blogs are pretty good reads, and are oftentimes very insightful.
ESRB rating: all ages.