I was going to write an in-depth explanation of why the art on my action webcomic looks the way it does, but i’m going to save that one for a later post. Summerslam just aired, and all reports show that it was a pretty entertaining event with some unexpected twists. I wanted to give my thoughts on it.
Let’s start with the main event: WWE Champion John Cena vs. WWE champ CM Punk. I believe this was a very well-crafted storyline which sets up some nice things for the futures of Cena, Punk and The WWE. I’ve said many times before (like HERE and HERE) that Cena, the WWE’s franchise good guy, needs a nemesis, and that they may have found it in Punk. it seems I’m not the only one who feels that way, because After another classic match between the two, Punk has once again beaten John Cena. It’s good for a Hero to have an archenemy, especially one you’re not quite sure if he will win against this time. It adds some humanity to the character and makes it easier to get behind him. One of the problems with Cena is that he’s not believable: even in defeat he always gets the upper hand. This rivalry is a step forward in correcting that. The surprise ending with Kevin Nash’s interference and Alberto Del Rio cashing in to become the new champ was ingenious. it takes the focus off of Cena/Punk and sets up new feuds (you don’t want to milk Cena/Punk too much too soon. You can get a lot more mileage out of that later on down the line). It makes fiscal sense for Alberto to win the title, because the WWE is planning a major trip to Mexico, and they want Del Rio (a native Mexican) returning to his homeland a conquering hero. But bringing Nash back to start what seems like a feud with Punk was an unexpected treat, and I’m very interested in seeing what the angle behind that will be. BTW, Punk’s complete and total disregard for HHH and Steph is pure gold. and might be a motivation for Nash – who is a close friend of HHH – to pick a fight with Punk.
Christian’s World title defense against Randy Orton was well-executed, and bringing out Edge to chastise his best friend was a really nice touch, which will hopefully lead to some introspection on Christian’s part. Christian is developing into a very complex character with layers, and that is something you can do a lot with. Regardless, he is now a two-time World Champion, and no one can take that away from him.
I think they are handling Sheamus’s face turn very well. It’s very gradual and meticulous, and feels organic and unforced. Sheamus is a fighter, the type of guy to find the biggest bully in the room and pick a fight with him just because. And the fact that they’ve been setting up Mark Henry as the new monster heel provides a perfect foil for Sheamus to go against. I’d like to see more out of this feud.
I like that R-Truth and The Miz are still getting screentime despite not being in big matches. Those two are gold on the microphone and should be given every opportunity to develop their characters and sell themselves.
WWE’s Divas division is weak, and I honestly wanted to see Beth Phoenix win the title. but Kelly Kelly had a decent showing against her, and I do understand the need to legitimatize her championship status with a win against a quality opponent…and you can’t get much more quality in the Divas division than Beth Phoenix (well, there’s Kharma, but we won’t be seeing her for another few months)
Finally, there’s Wade Barret and Daniel Bryan. I like the fact that these two men have history, but both of their personalities are so wooden, that it’s really hard to take an interest in them going against each other. this one needs some work to make it compelling.
On a semi-related note, I’m very happy for the crossover success of Cee-Lo Green. I still remember his debut on Outkast’s “Get Up, Get Out,” and being really impressed with his performances on the Goodie Mob’s debut CD. He had a fiery “preacherman” type of delivery that was hard to ignore or forget, and his introspective lyrics were classic. To go from that to critical acclaim with Gnarls Barkley and now mainstream success (and a few Grammies) makes me proud to say “I was a fan of this guy before he was popular.” I think that is the definition of what it means to be a geek. We get a kick out of discovering “the next big thing” before it gets big, and then smugly telling you “I told you so” when that breakthrough happens. it could be the Sports Geek telling you about how that obscure player you’ve never heard of is going to have an MVP season, or how that cellar-dwelling team from last year is going to make a championship run. it could be that Music Geek telling you why underground artist X is better than whoever you like to listen to on the radio. It’s the Movie Geek telling you what he found on aintitcool.com about the next blockbuster, Oscar-winner or indie sensation. it could be a comic book geek, a video game geek, a tech geek, a wrestling geek…heck you can even have news geeks and food geeks. the thing we have in common is that we love to prognosticate on what the next breakthrough offering will be from the subject we’re passionate about, that even those who have only a casual interest in it will care about.
And I firmly believe that EVERYONE is a geek about SOMETHING.