Comic’s name: Lost In Transition
Creators: Errick Nunnaly
What is the comic about: A corporate lifer gets laid off and takes a job as a nanny to pay his student loans.
How is comic drawn: Artwork is very cartoony and somewhat minimalistic. Mostly newspaper-styled.
How often updated: weekly
What else does the website offer: comments by the author, with a chance to respond to them.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: Pretty generic, actually. Nothing much other than the comic, the comment box and a couple of small ads. Nothing much to comment about.
What do I like about the strip: I like the comic’s humor, and how it speaks to my specific situation. The strips about being unemployed were dead-on. Paying off college loans with little to no income is still a conundrum I’m trying to solve. That huge, cushy job I went to college for never happened, but I still owe as if it did. Plus, the ups and downs of dealing with kids is also something I can relate to.
Why should YOU read it: The strip is funny and relatable. If you’ve ever felt the crunch of a bad economy, or ever lost your job, you will like this strip.
ESRB rating: all ages.