Comic’s name: The Peacekeeper’s Force
Creator: Keith Thomsen
What is the comic about: Three friends come of age together while trying to save their world from invading aliens.
How is comic drawn: very cartoony, with bright colors and simple shading.
How often updated: every Friday
What else does the website offer: blog, avatars and Wallpapers, short stories based on the characters.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: Clean and simple, with a nice sci-fri gradient background.
What do I like about the strip: The cartoony, perfectly-imperfect art drew me in, but the quirky humor juxtaposed over the serious action-scifi backdrop is intriguing enough to follow. It’s a strange mixture, but it works.
Why should YOU read it: This is a nice blend of a heartfelt story of friendship, hard sci-fi, and daily humor. It’s worth checking out.
ESRB rating: Ages 15 and up