Comic’s name: Redux Deluxe
Creators: Charles Arrington
What is the comic about: a boy moves to a new city and meets his 2 new best friends. Hijinks ensue.
How is comic drawn: Cartoony, slightly manga-ish, with excellent use of color and shading.
How often updated: about three times a week, but no new posts lately.
What else does the website offer: blog, place to buy original art,
What do I think of the site’s overall design: Clean, easy to navigate. Very well-designed.
What do I like about the strip: The art on this site is absolutely gorgeous. I love the way the characters are rendered, even down to the little details and touches. You can tell Charles put a lot of love and skill into his pages. The story is a lot more down-to earth than a lot of webcomics, and the characters are very likable. Too bad this strip isn’t updated more often. Maybe if more people checked this webcomic out, he’d be more inclined to finish the story.
Why should YOU read it: If you’re looking for a good slice-of-life story about friendship with excellent art, this webcomic is right up your alley.