I found WWE’s Hell In A Cell Pay per View event to be a little intriguing. This was mainly due to wondering how they were going to present a match as violent and brutal as HIAC in the current PG era. I’m happy to see that they pulled off a decent PPV by all reports, even if it is just storyline filler until The Rock returns in Survivor Series.
What do I think of what happened? Well…

1. Sheamus’s face push is going along very strongly. It comes off as very natural and believable. Sheamus’s character hasn’t gone through any radical transformation, but his targets have, which makes all the difference with audiences. He continues to pwn Christian, who hasn’t beaten Sheamus since he first came on Raw. I smell a title push in the near future for the Great White.
2. I hope they put an end to the Sin Cara mess soon. This storyline has no real buildup aside from the way too brief heel turn by fake Sin Cara. On top of that, real Sin Cara wasn’t in action long enough to establish his identity so that casual wrestling fans and little kids could see fake Sin Cara and know something was wrong. This storyline was rushed. Nevermind the fact that both Sin Cara’s (one is Mistico, the original, and the other is Hunico, a WWE developmental talent) are having a hard time adjusting to WWE-styled wrestling, and are botching a lot of their moves. I think both of these guys need some time on Superstars to work out the kinks in their craft.
3. I love David Otunga’s “Rasslin’ lawyer” gimmick. It’s new and fresh, and I think it can work with him. The closest anyone has ever come to him is IRS< and he was just a tax man. Imagine Otunga as a new version of the APA, where wrestlers come to him when they need some sort or protection, or if they need to appeal to whoever is in charge for a rematch or title shot. I can see a wrestler not being included in the Royal Rumble, and teaming up with Otunga to secure a spot for himself. This could be gold, especially with Miz and R-Truth causing havoc as WWE outlaws. I could see Otunga having a prominent role in a stable of those three, Along with Nash, being led by Johnny Ace as a mob of guys who seek to upend HHH's control of the WWE. And bring back a wrestler who was actually fired by WWE like Kozlov or Chris Masters to make it seem more authentic. At least, that's how I'd write it. 4. I appreciate WWE making a serious attempt at rebuilding the tag team division. However, I'm wondering if an extended title run by Air Boom is the direction to go in. I PROMISE that I will have more to say about the state of tag team wrestling in a future blog post. Be patient with me. 5. Henry's title run is being handled very well. I can't remember another monster heel champion who came across as dominant as Henry. It seemed as if being champ weakened guys like Big Show and Kane to give the opponent the appearance of having a chance against them. Not so with Henry. He is dominant, and is allowed to be a complete bully as champion, and it looks awesome. He gets another clean win at HIAC, but Orton was still able to save face by going into psycho mode after a loss. He did the same after a loss to Christian and to Cody Rhodes, and I think that bit is starting to get old. 6. The rumors of Cody Rhodes being buried have been greatly exaggerated. He is still a rising star in WWE, and his character is golden. The demented arrogance is really giving him an outlet to shine...and the classic IC belt with the white strap is a great touch. If you want somebody getting buried, though…look at his opponent. John Morrison has been given the dreaded "Hell of a hand" label, which means that he's just good enough to put another wrestler over, but not good enough to get put over himself. It's not a good spot to be in career-wise. 7. Beth gets her due and gets a long overdue title reign. This should have happened at the last pay per view. Now I'd like to see what being champion does to her friendship with her partner Natalya. 8. I thought is was priceless to have John Cena locked out of the cell while Alberto Del Rio won it. This is good for ADR because it shows that WWE hasn't given up on him yet, and sets some interesting things up for the title picture in the months to come up until Survivor Series. Remember, Cena is supposed to be teaming up with the Rock for that event, which means he will NOT be competing for the WWE championship in November. 9. Watching The Miz and R-Truth cause havoc after being fired is golden, and adds to their renegade personalities and the whole "reality" feel of the current WWE. This is something that has been done before, but not with personalities as loud and colorful as Truth and Miz, and not with an adversary like HHH. I'm loving it. This storyline has been getting a very nice, slow buildup, starting with Truth's heel turn. I think it is being excellently handled, and I hope the payoff for this is a new, dominant stable that will succeed where Nexus and Corre failed. One can only hope. Art for Chapter 3 of this action webcomic is coming along very slowly. It has been a very, very busy few weeks and I just haven't been able to get any art done. But there will ALWAYS be new strips Monday…even if I have to post a new storyline from the Weekend Heroes as a tide-me-over until I can finish chapter 3, you will always get a new strip on Monday, I promise.