Comic’s name: The Trenches
Creators: Scott Kurtz, Mike Krahulik, and Jerry Holkins
What is the comic about: This is an office comedy strip that covers the absurd, ludicrous and sometimes truth-is-stranger-than-fiction world of software testing.
How is comic drawn: Drawn in a cartoony hybrid of the styles that made its creators famous.
How often updated: new comics every Tuesday and Thursday.
What else does the website offer: the blog section features stories from current and former testers relating some of their more interesting experiences testing games. The Penny Arcade forum is also here, as well as the Penny Arcade store. You can also submit your own tale of testing, if you have one.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: This is a webcomic designed by two masters of their craft. The design is striking yet seamless, and the navigation of the site is absolutely flawless. Ads are there but not in the way, a lot like the PvP site, and there’s no clutter to interfere with your experience. Awesome site.
What do I like about the strip: This strip had me hooked from the second strip, where our hero is faced with the dreaded “O” word while applying for a job. The jokes were absolutely hilarious, and dead-on to what goes through my mind when faced with that situation during my own job hunt.
On top of that. The game dev horror stories really change your perspective on the so-called glamourous world of game testing. It’s a world of boring, repetitive tasks, long, inhumane hours, broken promises, harsh conditions and unstable pay. Trust me, gamers: you only THINK you want this job. But still, someone has to do it…
Why should YOU read it: It’s “Office Space” and “The Office” filtered through the same minds that created “PvP” and “Penny Arcade.” What’s not to like?