Comic’s name: ButterSword
Creators: MC and Jen
What is the comic about: Buttersword is a popular sci-fi/fantasy comic chronicling the interstellar misadventures of Curtis and Anne.
How is comic drawn: Drawn in a deceptively simple, cartoony style that is expressive but doesn’t take itself too seriously.
How often updated: new comics every Monday and Friday
What else does the website offer: This site also offers bonus strips covering older material, and a blog by the creators. You will find links to Buttersword-related publications and other Buttersword-related items, as well as a record of positive reviews they’ve gotten from other sites (including this one, no doubt). There’s an RSS feed, too, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: It’s a basic ComicPress layout, but also a very busy site, with lots of banner ads. But they are a part of generating views to the site, and they are one of the key components to making Buttersword as popular as it is, so you have to roll with it.
What do I like about the strip: What moves me about this strip is that despite the wild stories, this is very much a character-driven comic. Anne and Curtis are likeable and well-rounded, and you really care about what is happening to them. They also have a great chemistry and it’s very entertaining to read their exchanges. The action is also fun to read, too.
Why should YOU read it: This is one of the web’s most popular sci-fi strips for a reason. Check it out.