Comic’s name: Wayward Sons
Creators: Benny Powell, Weilin Yang, Youjin Yang, Kun Song
What is the comic about: Wayward sons starts out as a sci-fi story about an intergalactic prison break, but evolves into an epic sci-fi/fantasy tale of love and war.
How is comic drawn: This is a professionally rendered comic in the style of something you’d see on shelves. The pencils and inks are very tight and the sci-fi elements are rendered in incredible detail. Shading is done in an animated style.
How often updated: new comics every weekday.
What else does the website offer: This site also offers bonus material such as sketches and character bios, a store to buy collected editions, and a blog from the creators.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: This is a professionally designed site, but part of it is unfinished. The “Extras” section of the site leaves much to be desired, there are a lot of nice little details that make the parts of the site that work nice to look at.
What do I like about the strip: The epic scale of the comic is impressive, but what really drew me to the strip was the slick design of the website, as well as the very well-rendered comic strip. This story, more than a lot of other strips I’ve read, actually looks like something you’d find on the shelves at your local comic shop. Very impressive.
Why should YOU read it: It’s an epic sci-fi/fantasy war story with both swords and laser guns, written and drawn impeccably. What’s not to like?