Beer Money Blew It.

On one hand, I want to applaud TNA fir finally recognizing their biggest draw – popular tag team Beer Money by giving them a big push. There were rumors swirling about that Triple H was interested in adding them to the WWE’s roster for the purpose of revitalizing their tag division, and this was a smart move to keep their biggest homegrown talent from defecting.
However, I think that what they did to push these guys was poorly executed in typical TNA fashion. I thought Giving Robert Roode the title shot at Bound For Glory against Kurt Angle was a brilliant move. Angle is known for putting over other stars while at the same time making himself look good. He was a go-to guy for that in the WWE, and he has done more of the same since joining TNA. After months of buildup, a title match against TNA’s best worker at TNA’s biggest PayPerView is a dream scenario for getting somebody on the roster over. There’s no way you can mess that up, right?
Well, you can, if you have Roode lose, which they did. In the latest of a string of bonehead moves that started with hiring Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff, Hogan (who is in charge of creative) decided to have Angle win the match instead of Roode.
That was the first mistake.
They then compounded that by letting James Storm, the other half of Beer Money, win the title the very next night, pretty much out of nowhere. I was very happy for Storm to get his title reign, though. But it appears this was done way too soon after what happened the night before, and mostly just for shock value. But they could recover from that. A nice month or two with the title, maybe set up a simmering feud with Roode to really cement their status as the premier guys on the roster would be great. I’ve always wanted to see a storyline where two close friends and tag team partners are preparing to compete against each other for the world title, while still trying to maintain their friendship. It would be a slow burn, where they start off supportive of each other, but the competitive drive and the high stakes take their toll on their bond, and by the time the PPV happens, they’re ready to rip each other apart. But then after an ultra-competitive match, the loser congratulates the winner with class and dignity, and their friendship survives the battle. Or something like that.
TNA, however, chose to have Roode beat Storm for the belt and turn heel less than a week after Storm’s win.
That’s three different people holding the world title within the course of a week. You can’t tell me that doesn’t cheapen their championship. And there are more instances of the title changing hands to come, as now Roode and Storm are feuding over the belt leading up to the next Pay Per View. What had the potential to be something special has turned into the usual TNA cluster of bad storyline decisions, and on top of that, you just dismantled the Best Tag Team In The Business and your biggest draw over it. And don’t give me any arguments about Hogan or Flair or RVD or Jeff Hardy or even Mr. Anderson, Angle and Jarrett. People tune into TNA to see their young homegrown talent. They tune in to see The Beautiful People, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Hernandez, Crimson, Amazing Red and Kaz. But more than anything, they tune in to see Beer Money. They are the biggest ticket in TNA, and they have just been dissolved in a bad storyline to keep them happy and staying in TNA.
I think it’s a shame, because I was really rooting for them to leave for Connecticut. With the right writing and guidance, Beer Money would have taken WWE’s tag teams to a whole new level. But that is a rant for another day. What a waste.