Comic’s name: Verdant Spiral
Creators: Brian McKinley
What is the comic about: This is a compilation of sci-fi themed comics.
How is comic drawn: Drawn entirely in pencil art, in a very professional, highly detailed style.
How often updated: it was updated daily, but no new comics since late October.
What else does the website offer: The site doesn’t offer much outside of the comic. There is a blog. I wouldn’t have minded seeing a link to the artist’s portfolio.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: I absolutely LOVE this site’s layout. It looks like the standard artboard that comic artists typically use, complete with bluelines. The web design is absolutely impeccable, but I just with it offered more.
What do I like about the strip: I like the “anthology” approach to the strip. Sci-fi is the overall connecting theme, but the stories otherwise aren’t really connected. It allows Brian to tell the stories he wants to tell without having to have them be connected to each other. Smart move. Oh, and his artwork is very nicely rendered.
Why should YOU read it: You should check this site out, if only to see the beautiful layout and pencil artwork.