Comic’s name: Phoenix Requiem
Creators: Sarah Ellerton
What is the comic about: A man haunted by supernatural forces stumbles into town and has his wounds healed by an inexperienced nurse. Hijinks ensue.
How is comic drawn: Manga-styled art (kind of CLAMP-ish), with lush photorealistic shading and coloring.
How often updated: Completed Graphic Novel
What else does the website offer: You can buy collected volumes of the story, but there is also a blog, along with your typical “about” and faq pages.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: This is an impeccably designed sitewith lots of nice touches and flourishes. Layout is very tight, and everything is well-laces. The color scheme is subtle, and evokes the mood of the story very well. Excellent design.
What do I like about the strip: This was actually the webcomic that made me want to get into making webcomics. Specifically the collected volumes and merchandise, which really got me thinking that money could be made in webcomics. The epic storyline and deep characterization caused me to rethink what was possible in a webcomic. The gorgeous art drew me in, but the engaging story is what kept me coming back.
Why should YOU read it: My wife doesn’t care much for webcomics, but she took notice of this one. You should, too.
ESRB rating: 13 and up