Comic’s name: Squared Circle
Creators: Mike Perry & Ben Rosenthal
What is the comic about: A very humorous look at a fictional wrestling federation.
How is comic drawn: cartoony and colorful, with a style reminiscent of Penny Arcade.
How often updated: updated about twice a week
What else does the website offer: Not much outside of the comic and a wrestling blog.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: Simple ComicPress site. Nothing special.
What do I like about the strip: Once I had this great idea to make a webcomic based on pro wrestling. I would, with the help of some of my buddies in the IWC, create my own federation with wrestlers we created, and tell the kind of storylines we always wanted to see but never did, along with the types of matches we wanted to see and such. Alas, I was too entrenched intothis comic to really do anything serious with the idea, but It’s nice to see the idea of a wrestling webcomic live on. Perry’s approach is different than mine – he takes a humorous approach to it, but it is still very heartfelt and very obviously from a fan of the industry. The blogs are pretty insightful, too. His opinion on the state of tag team wrestling is dead-on, and one day I’ll piggyback some of his points on my blog.
Why should YOU read it: This is the webcomic I should have made. If you have even a passing interest in Pro Wrestling, You’ll love this comic.
ESRB rating: all ages