First of all, i’m happy to announce that the artwork for SEIZURE 2 chapter 3 is almost done. I just need to add some shading to about four pages, then It’s on to the lettering portion. After that, It’s all about starting the pencils and inks for chapter 4 of this action webcomic, and writing chapter 5. I want chapter 5 to get a little more in-depth with Bobby’s character, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to show that. You’ve been reading about this kid for the better part of three years, and yet you still don’t really know who he is. In chapter 5 I will rectify that, I just need to figure out how.

Also, I want to announce that I am totally open to trading guest art or fan art with any webcomic that is interested. If you want me to do something for you, I’d love for you to do something for The Seizure. Just let me know which characters you want to drawn, and which you want drawn. Let me also add that if any artists want to do a whole story, I have some tales for the Weekend Heroes that are begging to be told. If you want to do something of your own with them, just keep in mind that these guys are the absolute WORST superhero team you have ever seen (worse than the Great Lakes Avengers, and worse then Quantum and Woody). Their powers are pretty much useless, they have no concept of teamwork, they always get in each other’s way, and no one – I mean NO ONE – takes them seriously.

So with that covered, let’s talk some rasslin’. The 2012 Royal Rumble was last night, and while a lot of guys in the IWC were disappointed, I thought it served its purpose, which was to set the table for Wrestlemania. granted, the PPV was a bit predictable and unspectacular, and that shouldn’t be the case for one of the WWE’s 4 ‘major’ pay-Per-Views (Wrestlemania, Survivor Series and Summerslam are the others). There were really no surprises as far as who won matches. but there were some subtle things going on that I think worked well and bode well for the future.
CM Punk’s match against Dolph Ziggler was a quality match between two of WWE’s go-to-guys. It would have been nice to see Ziggler win, but I like the anti-swerve they took with Johnny Ace deciding NOT to try to screw Punk over after blatantly saying he would. I think this twist, if handled correctly, could be the start of a brand new dynamic between Ace and Punk that the Vince/Stone Cold feud didn’t have. As far as Dolph is concerned, Sooner or later the WWE needs to recognize that this guy has all of the tools to carry the company. He could be a new Ric Flair- get him two more guys to go with Vickie and Jack Thwagger, and you’d have a new Horsemen. He needs a championship push, and he needs it soon. I’m calling it now: Dolph wins the briefcase at MITB at Mania. You heard it here first.
The Daniel Bryan cage match went pretty much the way I expected it to, with Bryan not so much winning as escaping with his belt. Nothing new, although I was glad to see Henry fighting through his injuries to put on a decent showing. I SO want another title reign for Mark. he was awesome and dominant in his first run, and I want to see that again. But this match further cements Bryan’s new weasel-obnoxious jerk persona, and I think it’s gold – especially because now that Bryan is the new weasel, Christian doesn’t have to be one anymore!
The Divas match was what it was. I saw one fan in the WWE chat zone complain that the Bellas are now heels. OF COURSE they’re heels. Their main foe just came back. but I’ll get to that later.
The Cena/Kane match had some interesting twists, and the post-match stuff had the Big Red Machine in rare form. I love how they’re making Cena look actually human for a change, and it really appears as if he’s against a foe he can’t beat. This was a gutsy direction to go in with Wrestlemania being so close. I really hope they don’t cop out and end this feud at elimination chamber, but let it run its course. there are some really cool things they can do here, maybe teasing or hinting at a possible Cena Heel turn, Or maybe even involving The Rock in some way, shape or form. or better yet, have Ryder come back ina m ore aggressive way, maybe unleashing his own dark side on either Kane (revenge) or Cena (for being let down). Maybe it’s Ryder who embraces the hate, which should make his Youtube video show VERY interesting, to say the least.
and the Brodus Clay and Drew McIntyre match wasn’t in any way memorable, but it did what it was supposed to do: continue to get Clay over with the audiences and further Drew’s storyline. I think his losing streak is intriguing, even more than other superstars they’ve tried this with (MVP, Bryan, Sheamus) because McIntyre’s is more high-profile and is lasting for longer. They’re setting him up for a MAJOR breakthrough, methinks. I predict Ziggler to win the Briefcase, but don’t be surprised if McIntyre seals his redemption with an MITB title shot.
And finally, the Rumble Match itself…
Well, none of the so-called “surprises” actually surprised me. The dirt sheets have been saying all along that hacksaw Duggan, Road Dogg and Randy Orton would be in the match. Seeing Ricardo in the ring as a literal poor man’s Alberto Del Rio was interesting, but seeing the announcers all in the Rumble was a true WTF. there are a ton of Midcarders and Jobbers who could have used that PPV paycheck and who could have used that screentime to build themselves up, but you let ALL THREE announcers get in the match instead? i don’t agree with that. i was surprised at seeing The Great Khali. I could have sworn he was future endeavored. The only thing that really did surprise me also and that I was happy to see was Kharma’s return. I’m a huge Kharma fan, and seeing her come back and mix it up with the boys first was a true delight to see.
There were some nice moments in the ring. Kofi walking on his hands really showed the athleticism and ingenuity of the guy. One can only imagine the cool things he could do if he could just get out of Midcard hell and be a main eventer. Santino Marella’s Cobra vs. Mick FOley’s Mr. Socko was a fun moment to watch, and as much as I liked Kharma’s return, i was even more stoked to see her putting Ziggler in her finisher. Very classy move on Doplh’s part by putting her over like that. I approve.
No one will remember this, but I called Sheamus winning the Rumble back when he first started his face turn. I felt he was building up to another title run, and it was only a matter of time before he held the belt again. on top of that, predictions were in that a Smackdown guy would win the Rumble, and Sheamus hadn’t yet switched brands yet. So i said it would either be Sheamus or Cody Rhodes winning the title shot. am I mad that it was the Great White who got the title shot? not really. Like I said, he was already being positioned as one of the WWE’s top guys, and this is just a natural progression for him. Jericho will have his day: there’s the obvious CM Punk feud they could work with, or they could even throw him against Undertaker to put the cap on The Streak. but Sheamus hasn’t had a good showing at Wrestlemania yet, so let him have his day.
So, in essence, The Rumble was just a vehicle to further storylines. It would be easier to swallow if this was done at a lesser PPV, but it is what it is.