Comic’s name: Doodling Around
Creators: Gual and Chano
What is the comic about: The trials and tribulations of twin teenage Latina comic creators, and their friends.
How is comic drawn: Adorably cute, Hybrid of American and Manga style, similar to something you’d see on a Nickelodeon cartoon.
How often updated: Saturdays
What else does the website offer: Section for Fanart, and profiles of the secondary characters. It would have been nice to have a section which summarized the site and its central characters. There is also a version available in Spanish
What do I think of the site’s overall design: Simple, clean and colorful. Not too many extraneous bells and whistles, but that would only detract from the awesome art.
What do I like about the strip: One thing and one thing only attracts me to this site and keeps me coming back: the gorgeous art. The cartoony-animated style of art is reminiscent of some of the best Saturday morning cartoons you’ve ever seen, and accentuates the charm of the chartacters.
Why should YOU read it: Some of the most beautiful comic art you’ve ever seen. It’s worth a look.
ESRB rating: all ages.