A Little Background Info

Okay, for those who were wondering who the heck ScripScrap is, Here’s a little background info.

Scripscrap was a generic villain I created for another superhero I was developing, by the name of MARSHALL. Marshall’s the guy you see with the claws and badge in this webcomic. A few years later, I read a few issues of Christopher Priest’s “Quantum and Woody” and wanted to do my own rendition of the world’s worst superteam.
How about a team of guys who can only be heroes on the weekends, because they all have dayjobs?
Thus, the Weekend Heroes were born.
I was going through my sketchbook for designs to use, and I came across this generic supervillain. So I said “why not?” gave him a superhero name and stuck him on the team.
What can Scripscrap’s “biomorphic” energy blasts do? to be honest, I STILL don’t know. I think they do something to disrupt the biological aura of organic matter, or something. Whatever.

I thought it would be cool to include this team in the SEIZURE story somehow, and I have a unique twist on the role this team plays in the story, which also ties in to the overall theme of this story. Keep reading, and you’ll see what I mean.

I have at least two more stories with the Weekend Heroes waiting to be written, drawn and posted. I don’t know when I’ll get around to putting them together, though. i just finished chapter 3 of the main action webcomic, and I want to get a few chapters ahead before I work on ANYTHING else.
However, if one of you lovely webcomic artists are interested in drawing a few pages for me, maybe we could work something out…