Comic’s name: OrAnIMe
Creators: Aaron Foster and Leah Gibson
What is the comic about: Two close friends go on an epic, comical journey through the supernatural underworld.
How is comic drawn: Pure Anime-styled rendering and coloring.
trong>How often updated: Mondays
What else does the website offer: There’s a blog by the authors of the site, character profiles, a How-to on making your own webcomics, a section of commissioned art, links to some of their side comic projects, and even a video of the authors at work.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: Simple Comicpress layout. No frills, just gets to the point.
What do I like about the strip: The artwork is beautifully rendered, and the characters have an endearing quality to them. The humor of the strip helps accentuate the characters’ humanity, and the action sequences are top notch.
Why should YOU read it: One of the main characters is a hooded guy with wings. You can never go wrong reading about hooded guys with wings.
ESRB rating: all audiences.