I know, I know: I got the page numbering all screwed up. it happens, guys. This should be the proper numbering for this action webcomic now, though.

A buddy of mine asked me to psot my thoughts on last night’s Elimination Chamber PPV onhis blog. I’ll just post those same thoughts on this blog too, and kill two birds with one stone.

This Event, like The ROyal RUmble before it, was stricly to further storylines, which made the outcomes quite predictable. The action was good, but the problem with that is thet you already knew who was going to win. Some guys int he IWC have a problem with that. I don’t, not really. when you watch any other form of scripted television, 9 times out of 10 you know how a particular episode is going to end. Why should Sports entertainment be so much different? You don’t want to be spontaneous just to be spontaneous, and have the matches and storylines make no sense. We already saw how that formula played out (WCW towards the end).
So This event is what it is: a nice setup for the buildup to Wrestlemania.
And let’s be honest, there were some good points that came out of this event. The performances of Tamina Snuka, Kofi Kingston and especially Santino Marella should raised a few eyebrows backstage and show them that these guys are capable and deserving of some kind of big push. Santino in particular proved his angle of the unlikely underdog fighting valiantly despite being way overmatched has legs, and if utilized properly could be a big hit.
Everyone knew how the Cena/Kane feud woud end, and if you didn’t then you’re kidding yourself. There was no way they were going to let this feud bleed over into the Rock/Cena buildup. What’s more intriguing is what they’re doing with Zach Ryder. Personally I don’t like the way they’re developing his character. His popularity is at an all-time high, and I really don’t think the time is right for a heel turn, especially over a kiss? Really? i’m sorry, but Megapowers Exploding this ain’t.
And many people have noted the irony of the scratched Sheamus/Bryan match from last year’s Wrestlemania now being one of the main events. That is true, but also look at how far these two have come in the short span of a year. They are considered two of the WWE’s brightest stars for a reason, and in many ways they proved they deserved the spot they’re getting for this year’s mania. Now let’s see how far they take it.

BTW, I’m stoked to see the WWE has signed both members of the Kings of Wrestling from ROH. Here’s hoping these guys are allowed to stay intact as a tag team, and they come in as a major piece in resurging the Tag division.

Oh, and my prediction still holds true. Expect to see Truth, Kofi, Del Rio, Christian, Ziggler, Miz and Swagger (and maybe even otunga) in MITB, and Ziggler will walk out with the briefcase. You read it here first.