Comic’s name: Johnny Saturn
Creators: Scott and Benita Story
What is the comic about: This chronicles the adventures of an aging vigilante and the city he calls home.
How is comic drawn: very sharp, professional superhero-styled art. A lot of time and effort was put into the pencils, inks and colors, and it shows.
How often updated: Updates every Monday and Thursday.
What else does the website offer: It’s got a blog, and sections for fanart, complete breakdowns of the setting and supporting characters, podcasts and interviews, wallpapers and a store where you can purchase physical copies of the books.
What do I think of the site’s overall design: It’s a pretty normal comic site. design seems a bit cluttered, and I really don’t like the layout very much. but the comic is front and center and at least the rest of the site doesn’t get int he way. As long as that is the case, then the rest of the site is tolerable.
What do I like about the strip: This strip raises the bar as far as superhero-styled storytelling is concerned. The character development is absolutely impeccable. The characters, and the city, grow, evolve and change, so there is no real status quo (like in life, right?). These heroes are three-dimensional, with their own character flaws, personal tics and idioms, and it’s fun to watch them interact on that level.
Why should YOU read it: this book is a very deep look into the lives of heroes. It’s worth checking out.
ESRB rating: 14 and up.