Okay, here we go.

Breaktime’s over. Weekend Heroes interlude is over. Chapter 3 of this action webcomic is ready to post. Art for chapter 4 is done and ready to be scanned, colored and lettered. Chapter 5 has been written, and I’m 6 pages deep into writing chapter 6.
I’m a bit embarrassed that the first exposure some of you got to my action webcomic was seeing the Weekend Heroes backup story. the art done for that was done waaaaaaay back in 1995, when I was still learning a lot about comic art and developing my artistic style. it was also during a period of time where I actually thought I could ink my own work, and when I had to improvise with the lettering because my handwriting is sloppy and I didn’t know how the pros did it (also remember that is was 1995 before all of these fancy lettering software was available). So I hope you guys don’t judge the overall comic by that last storyarc.
Business is about to pick up. for those who don’t think this action webcomic had enough – well – action, stay tuned for a few more weeks. You’re going to get your fill of action. I’lla lso be doing a bit of character exploration, too. I’ve realized I’ve been chronicling Bobby for the better part of two years, and none of us have really gotten much insight into who he is. I’m going to fix that.
Enjoy the ride. It’s going to be wild!