Trouble Standards


Let me start off by giving you guys an update on the action webcomic. I’m soon going to be experimenting with different ways of conserving bandwidth. Saving my pages asPNGis not working, mainly due to how the graphic quality suffered. Also, development on chapter 4 has slowed to a crawl. I’m STILL adjusting to my new status quo, and my new job leaves me a small window of time to get a whole bunch of stuff done. But I’m still working on it. Colors for page one are almost done, and I just started page two. Finally, the cover for chapter 5 is just about finished. I’m thinking of posting it, along with all of the previous covers, in my Deviantart site.



I haven’t talked rasslin’ in a while, though. The suspensions of some of the WWE’s biggest stars intrigues me, to say the least. I mean, it’s one thing to see midcarders like R-Truth and Evan Bourne get suspended for wellness policy violations. Or when a guy like Finlay gets fired for a bad promo with the Flag. You can joke about their mishaps and say there’s a double-standard and WWE wouldn’t do it to their big guys. But it’s totally different when it’s Chris Jericho getting suspended for an incident withBrazil’s flag, and it’s Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton getting suspended for wellness policy violations. It’s a totally different ballgame now.

I’m thinking that with WWE’s ratings taking a dip, and with everyone desperate to turn things around, there is a need to hold everyone accountable for the product. Nobody is safe. Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio are considered two of the WWE’s top 5 draws, andJerichois considered a major star. On one hand it is a bit refreshing to see everyone being held accountable equally, but it’s also a bit scary because the kid gloves are off, and we’re really in uncharted territory. This is both Orton and Mysterio’s second violations. The question is what happens if either of these two guys has their third strike. Would the WWE REALLY fire one of their big guns? Would they seriously risk seeing Orton pack his bags and go over to TNA? Especially at a time when they are starved for stars and they need something to boost their ratings. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know.

It’s going to be pretty interesting to see where this goes. Does the WWE have the balls to fire one of their absolute top draws at the time when they need him most? Does Randy have the balls to test them? We already know Rey-Rey is on the declining half of his career, so the key is Orton.