Comic’s name: Blackguard

Creators: Willie and Jerrod Smith.


What is the comic about: The world’s first black superhero recruits a bunch of black villains to be in his superteam. Hilarity ensue.

How is comic drawn: Drawn in a very exaggerated, Urban style that I’ve seen in a lot of graffiti artists.

How often updated: Updates every Wednesday.

What else does the website offer: Section with bonus character art, Blog, link to “TGP” which is another webcomic created by the Smith boys, and links to other affiliated webcomics.

What do I think of the site’s overall design: it’s actually a pretty unique design, with the company logo in the background. I like that the pages of each chapter are all right under each page. Some of the navigation can be wonky, though.

What do I like about the strip:  I think that a lot of us in the black comic community take ourselves and our medium waaaaaaay too seriously. Every hero of African descent is scrutinized as if he or she were destined to represent our entire culture by themselves. Blackguard pokes a lot of fun at this notion in a way that is stylish, hip, and most of all, funny. The characters are all exaggerated stereotypes of accepted norms in black pop culture, shown at their most absurd.

Why should YOU read it: If Aaron McGruder (creator of The Boondocks) ever decided to create a superhero webcomic, it would look something like this.

ESRB rating: PG-13. there’s quite a bit of profanity on the strip, but it isn’t too offensive. Of course, that depends on how offensive you find the n-word to be, because you’re going to see it. A lot.