Okay, bear with me while I get on my little political soapbox.

I heard an interesting opinion a while back. A guy mused that there are so many people who scream “tax the rich! Tax the rich” up until the point where they win the lottery or in some other way become rich themselves, and then these same people are now looking for tax shelters and screaming for more tax cuts.
I think that is an interesting dichotomy.
For those of us who are against taxing the rich, I ask this: if not the rich, then who? You can’t tax the poor (even though technically the poor are being taxed up the wazoo) because they don’t have it. They’re too busy trying to keep their rent paid and gas in their car so they can get back and forth to their minimum wage-paying jobs (both of them).
Here’s my take: I like having police and firefighters around when I need them. I like my trash and lawn bags getting picked up every Monday. I like having roads that aren’t full of potholes to drive across. I like having a good school in my neighborhood I can send my child to without having to pay through the nose for tuition. I like having Unemployment compensation available if the unthinkable happens and I lose my job. I like having parks and community centers I can send my kids to instead of letting them run the streets. And I like having some kind of armed force around in case someone wants to invade the country where I live at.
But guess what?
All of that stuff costs MONEY. You didn’t think your trash was getting picked up for free, did you? And how to you propose we pay for these services if there’s no tax base?
You think there shouldn’t be a lot of taxes. Okay, then how do you propose the government pay for all of this stuff that we count on them for? Nobody buys government savings bonds anymore, mainly because a lot of them are worthless (I know Detroit’s aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on). You think we can borrow the money to take care of this stuff? We’ve borrowed ourselves into a trillion dollar deficit (thanks a bunch, Dubya). And sooner or later that money has to be paid back. How can the government do that if there is no income? This isn’t like a regular business that has a product or service they can sell. All of the stuff I mentioned IS the product, and basically everyone wants this stuff without having to pay for it. That’s bad business.
And say what you want about privatizing: just because a company says they can do something for cheaper, that doesn’t mean they can do it any better. And oftentimes, these guys cut corners so they can get at that low rate. On the flip side, many of these private contractors OVERbid, and still get contracts because of people in government they are connected with, while still skimping on the service. Why should they go above and beyond? They’re going to get the contract anyway because of who they know, right? So you end up paying more (because the government has to pay them and you pay the government), and getting less. And I reiterate, you still have to pay these private companies to do this stuff. And where pray tell shall the government get the money to handle that?
If you have a solution, reply and post it here. I’m all ears.