There’s a ton of stuff going on in the WWE that I should be talking about right now.

The problem is I don’t feel like talking.

Still working on the art for chapter 4. things have slowed down for these last few weeks, but after next week, I’ll be able to really put my nose to the grindstone and crank out some isht. As of now, artwork is penciled, inked, scanned and colored for the first 6 pages and the last 2 pages of chapter 4, and i’m currently coloring the final 8 pages now. It’s going slower than normal because of scheduling issues, but I am making progress. Also, the cover and 1st page of chapter 5 are both done. You can preview all of the covers i have finished at the Facebook page on your right.
Once art for these last few pages is colored, then it’s time to add all of the text, and then stuff will be ready to post. and after that, it’s time to draw the rest of chapter five and finish the scripts for chapters 6 and 7. And I still need to find time to review some webcomics, because I’ve been slipping on that front. No rest for the weary!