Wow. Just got my first taste what it’s REALLY going to be like working my new jobs. I can’t lie to you: it’s going to be tough keeping on schedule with this action webcomic. I have to post all of chapter 4, and I still have to finishe the art for chapter 5 and the script for chapter 6. Not to mention coming up with stuff top blog about and getting back on track with the webcomic recommendations (I’ve got some in the pipeline, I just haven’t had the time to post them yet). But I’ll find a way. I’m waaaaaay too deep into this project to let it die out now. #finishwhatyoustart

In other news, it looks like Brodus Clay’s dancer Cameron’s days in the WWE are numbered. Normally, I’d go to bat for her with the whole “double standard” thing. there are a bevy of wrestlers in the WWE who have DUIs that still have their jobs. However, none of those guys lied about where they worked and allegedly tried to bribe the police officer to make the charges go away. That was not a good look for the lovely lady, and I really can’t defend that. If an employee of mine got in trouble and tried to say they didn’t work for me, best believe I would do what i could to make that lie into the truth. I hate to see people lose their livelihoods over stupid, rash decisions – trust, me, I’ve been down that road before myself – but you hope that person learns from their screw-up and does better when the next opportunity rolls around.