Okay, I’ve FINALLY found my missing artwork and started drawing new pages for this action webcomic. Granted, i still haven’t figured out what happens in the second half of chapter 6 and beyond, but at least I’m going to have chapter 5 drawn and ready to go hopefully by the time I’m finished posting chapter 4.

You know, while I’ve been focusing on getting some stability in my life, things aplenty have been going on over in the worlds of Rasslin and Comix. I’m going to try tog et back in the swing of things with posting my opinions. next week, I hope to give a breakdown on the current state of the WWE. for now, I want to talk of another subject near and dear to me: mainstream comic books.

on one hand, i applaud Marvel and DC for their recent shake-ups of the status quo. they’ve been taking their iconic characters in bold new directions that make you constantly rethink what you’ve accepted about your classic comic book heroes. The two biggest driving forces behind Green Lantern – Hal Jordan and Sinestro – are both killed and a new, Arab-Muslim Lantern is introduced. The Joker returns, possibly spelling the doom of one of our beloved Batman Heroes. Superman chooses Wonder Woman over Lois Lane. And that’s just some of the DC stuff, while over in the Marvel Universe we have a complete overhauling of their top two franchises, the X-men and Avengers. It’s a tricky thing to be able to shake things up while still remaining true to the essence of the characters involved. But these guys are pulling it off.

The only real complaint I have, aside from not having enough disposable income to keep up with all of it, is that a lot of this stuff comes off as forced, especially over in the Marvel corner. These story developments are always put together as these massive crossover events that drain my energy and wallet. I can’t just pick up one title and get what’s going on, i have to get every book the publisher is offering. and forget about getting a standalone story in a comic: I have to buy this month AND the next 4 months to figure out what’s going on. that’s a heck of an investment to be forced to make just to get a decent story. Especially when the story isn’t that well-written, as I heard was the problem with the recent Avengers vs. X-men storyline.
I think status quo changes are more resonant when they happen more organically over the course of a title’s development.Even if a books or universe’s changes are major and lasting, making everything an event cheapens the impact of the stories and comes off as a cash grab.