Comic’s name: Mystery Babylon
Creators: Val Hochberg
What is the comic about: A harbinger of Biblical apocalypse turns out to be not such a bad girl. But everyone wants to use her for some reason…
How is comic drawn: cartoony, animated style. Looks like something you’d see on Nickelodeon.
How often updated: Every Monday
What else does the website offer: Character bios and blog, fan art section, FAQ, shopzone
What do I think of the site’s overall design: The site doesn’t have any design frills. Just the comic, the blog, a few ads and some cool “vote for me” icons. Nothing special.
What do I like about the strip: I’m a sucker for animated-style art and cell shading. It’s something I try (unsuccessfully) to do on my own action webcomic. The expressive, manga-styled art is also appealing to look at. The story is reminiscent of the great “Bastard!” anime, centered around a rotten, despicable antihero who at the same time is very funny and likable. On top of that, it’s actually a sequel to an older webcomic (Kick-Girl). I can definitely relate. Oh, and did I mention it was FREAKING FUNNY? That alone is enough to make me like this story.
Why should YOU read it: A lighthearted, action-oriented take on the End of Days, with humor and awesome art. If you’re not easily offended with people playing fast and loose with your religious icons, you might like this one. Heck even if you are, you might still like it.
ESRB rating: Teen (there’s a little cussin’ in the story, but nothing too aggregious. It’s SFW)