Comic’s name: Botched Spot

Creators: James Hornsby


What is the comic about: Hilarious commentary on the current state of Pro Wrestling.

How is comic drawn: Very simple, cartoony artwork, sometimes with shading.

How often updated: Updates Monday, Wednesday,and Friday.

What else does the website offer: There’s a link to a spinoff comic (which will also be recommended at a later date),  Archive and about section.

What do I think of the site’s overall design: Very simple Comicpress design. Nothing spectacular.

What do I like about the strip:  Dude, I am a sucker for a satire strip. On top of that, it’s a satire strip about PRO WRESTLING. And it’s pretty durned funny. The strip pokes fun at every aspect of the business, from the onscreen product, to the backstage politics, to the fans and the smarks of the IWC (of which I am a card-carrying member). This comic is a bunch of stuff I love rolled up into a neat little package. Win.

Why should YOU read it: This site is to Pro Wrestling what “The Gutters” is to the comics industry. If you love sports Entertainment, you’ll love this strip.

ESRB rating: PG