Comic’s Name: Girls With Slingshots

Creators: Danielle Corsetto


What is the comic about: The life and times of an aspiring writer and her eccentric circle of friends.

How is comic drawn: simple, slightly cartoony, with a delicate flair and pretty elaborate coloring and shading. Pretty sophisticated stuff.

How often updated: Daily

What else does the website offer: Character bios and blog, wallpapers, 2 different shopzones (one offering original art!)

What do I think of the site’s overall design: This is actually a pretty elaborately designed site, with the way the masthead interacts with the textures background. Very well-planned, practical site with a nice color scheme and easy to find buttons.

What do I like about the strip:  I’m really impressed by the nuanced, subtle art of the story. It adds to the humanity of the characters, with their quirky personalities. I also like how the characters interact. It’s a very comfortable, familiar feeling with these characters, as if you were a part of their circle and you’re standing in the room with them as they go through their foibles.

Why should YOU read it: This is a very warm, slice-of-life humor strip that invites you right in to be a part of the fun. You’re gonna like this one.

ESRB rating: Everyone