Comic’s name: Miamaska

Creators: Jeinu


What is the comic about: to quote the site “Amity inadvertently lost herself in another universe walking into a parking garage. Taken in by the courier Aleco and his father Pamfilos, she must now find a way back while avoiding bounty hunters on the lookout for a woman with strangely similar features to her own.”

How is comic drawn: gorgeously rendered, manga-inspired art, with painstakingly detailed shading and textures. You can tell a lot of work was put into the art for this comic.

How often updated: Wednesdays

What else does the website offer: Character bios and comments section.

What do I think of the site’s overall design: The site’s design is about as simple as you can get, but I do like how the colors of the background blend into the gutters of the comic. Makes everything look seamless.

What do I like about the strip:  there are webcomics with “meh” art, there are comics with decent art, and then there are webcomics like this. Miamaska seriously raises the bar on what the art for a webcomic can look like. The amount of sophistication that goes into each panel is awe-inspiring, and one can just look at the pretty pictures for a while without even caring about what is going on story-wise. Oh, and by the way, the story’s pretty decent, too.

Why should YOU read it: A good comic book story is nothing without at least serviceable art. The art for Miamaska is far superior to “serviceable.” Go see for yourself.

ESRB rating: Everyone