You know, I was tempted to voice my opinions on the tragedies that recently happened in CT and China today. I work with kids at a school, so what happened in those situations affects me profoundly. On top of that, I’ve heard some rhetoric from people near me about it that disturbs and angers me on a deep level (believe it or not, this has NOTHING to do with gun control).

But I’ve learned that those of you who regularly check into my blog don’t come for socio-political rants (hence the crickets when I stood on my soapbox and talked about recall elections and paying taxes). So I’m going to talk about more pleasant things, like grown men in tights beating each other up.

Last night was the WWE’s TLC event, which is one of their “minor” PPVs to further storylines and set up their next “major” PPV. for the most part, it wasn’t bad in my opinion. We got to see some new stars strut their stuff, and it got some validation for a guy who really needed it.

The Divas Battle Royal was a botch-fest as expected, but I’m really happy for Naomi getting the title shot and a chance to show people that she’s more than a dancer. She showed off a lot of athleticism and really carried that match against Eve. It was pretty obvious she wasn’t going to win, though, as they are setting up a big Eve vs. Kaitlin championship match down the line. Keep your eye on Naomi, though. if creative allows her some freedom to compete, she might make some noise.

On a side note, I’m kinda glad the WWE has gotten out of the habit of letting every Diva on the roster hold the belt. That period of time was a fiasco, where every female in WWE took a turn being champion. Even kelly kelly got to be champ. I think that cheapened the title (even more than that Godawful Butterfly design) and made a throwaway division even less meaningful. The extended heel title run by Eve with gals who can seriously wrestle like Kaitlin, Tamina and hopefully Naomi on her heels gives me hope that Mr. Levesque is going to make a serious effort to make the Divas, well, serious.

The Midcard Belts are what they are. Not surprised that both Kofi and Cesario retained. I think they want to build Barret up a bit more before giving him his next championship, and Kofi is the only babyface singles champion they have right now. They’re going to milk their feud a bit more before letting Barret eventually beat Kofi for the title. or they could let him get it as early as tonight’s Raw. as for Cesario, I don’t see him losing that belt anytime soon. They’re really trying to build up his cache and set him up for the next level. They want this guy main eventing, so the plan right now is to place him at the top of the midcarder pecking order. I feel kind of bad for Truth because he screwed up his shot at being a consistent main eventer. I hope he gets another push, but I really don’t think that’s likely to happen.

I like the direction HHH is taking the tag division, by allowing the tag teams to get more screen time and highlighting feuds outside of the championship scene. In fact, it seems like being #1 contenders is a more prestigious place than actually holding the belts. Rhodes Scholars has the potential to be something special is they are treated correctly. I also like what I see from PTP, and Sin Cara and Mysterio, along with the usual guys (Usos and Primo/Epico). I also think it’s about time for Team Hell No to let the titles go.

It was smart for them to shift Ryback’s focus from Cm Punk to The Shield. You have a young, popular star now in a big feud against three rising stars in the WWE. You’ve got some good outnumbered hero situations, like in the old WCW days when Dusty Rhodes would find himself having to fend off the Horsemen or Sting would be surrounded by the Dangerous Alliance. Great scenario to build both sides of the feud up. This also frees up Punk to focus on this upcoming feud with The Rock. I expect to see Punk’s best mic work yet in these coming months to keep up with the man of a million catchphrases. Pipe Bombs galore.

Not sure what to make of Miz and Del Rio’s face turns. They both feel forced. It’s understandable because WWE needs more main event-level faces. All they’ve got right now are Cena, Team Hell No, Ryback, Sheamus, Mysterio and Orton (the latter two many would argue are not main eventers anymore). But miz and Del Rio’s transitions from heel to face just don’t feel believable. I mean,s eriously, all it takes to make Del Rio a Good Guy is the affections of Rosa Mendez and somebody picking on his friend? Really? Although I do like the fact that they’re showing Del Rio caring about Ricardo to give their bond more depth than Ted Dibiase and Virgil in the old WWF. And Miz’s face turn was COMPLETELY out the blue. The last major face turn was Sheamus’, but his was more natural because he was a guy who liked to pick fights, and he just happened to pick a fight with a bad guy for a change.

I’m interested in seeing where WWE goes with 3MB. these guys could be the next Freebirds, Brood or Mexicools if handled properly. There has always been a place for great trios in wrestling, I just wonder if these guys have what it takes to be a great trio. A good solid storyline where they terrorize the midcard or undercard would help their cause considerably.

Finally, there’s the main event. As much of a Jerk as people say Cena is in the locker room, you can’t argue his willingness to put young stars over. True, it’s stars he probably handpicks, but he still has a much better track record of putting dudes over than previous guys in his position. Guys he’s put over, let win and/or endorsed include Cryme Tyme, Jack Swagger, R-Truth, the Miz, Brodius Clay, CM Punk, Sheamus, and now Dolph Ziggler. Everyone knows Ziggler is being groomed for a World Championship run, but a main event win against the WWE’s top guy is sure-fire validation for him. I also find it intriguing that they’re returning AJ to her “Psycho Chick” gimmick, and it will be interesting to see where they go with that in relation to Cena.

and BTW, if you really want to hear about what’s bothering me with what i heard some people say about these massacres, email me. Just don’t expect me to get into an extended political debate with you about it.