I had picked up a cheap DVD at the dollar store a while back. It was “Blast” starring Eddie Griffin and Vivica Fox. It was a decent flick, nothing spectacular, but it wasn’t horrible, either. What surprised me was that the movie was based on a book.

Being a book writer, it always raises an eyebrow when a novel gets optioned for a movie or TV show. And it’s not just the holy grail franchises like “Twilight”, “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, “Da Vinci Code”, “Bourne”, or “Harry Potter”. Even lesser-known properties like “Virgin Suicides”, and the short-lived (but AWESOME) TV show FlashForward are based on books. Heck, even nonfiction how-to books like “Think Like A Man” got movie treatments.

I want some of that.

Whenever I write a story, especially a novel, I am thinking of its future beyond the printed page. The Leopard Man and Double Entry were both written with a potential movie in mind. Same with my latest manuscripts, Spades and Godmode. I love to tell stories, and if money were no object I would do it just because it’s in me and needs to come out. Writing isn’t a hobby for me, nor is it a pipe dream. This is who I am, and this is what I do. But on the flipside, money IS an object, and if I’m going to be investing time and brainpower into these gifts, I might as well get a return on my investment. And when I see cool movies like Django Unchained and Inception, I think to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool to see one of my stories getting this treatment?”

But therein lies the problem. How does a published novel get optioned? Who do I talk to? How does it get submitted? I understand a bestseller like Hunger Games, Shades of Grey or Alex Cross or even the work of Nick Sparks getting picked up because they have a built-in audience. But not every book-based movie is a bestseller, just look at movies like Joy Luck Club, Mambo Kings, Stardust, Accidental Tourist, Diggstown and Blade Runner. Heck, even Die Hard was based on a little known book.

I’ve tried to Google and Wiki the Optioning process, and even asked people on Linkedin about it. And I’ve found nothing.

But as Godmode gets closer and closer to fruition, this is actually becoming a Holy Grail for me.


As soon as Godmode sees print, I plan to seek a literary agent that specializes in getting books optioned so see if they can make that happen. So if any of you know a good agent who can do that and represent Sci-Fi, help a brother out!


BTW, This may be the final post for a couple of weeks. I need a bit more time to finish coloring and lettering my action webcomic’s chapter 5.