Let me start off by giving you all some good news: MY NEXT MANUSCRIPT FOUND A PUBLISHER!!!! Necro Publications, a publisher that specializes in dark fiction, picked up my manuscript for G0dM0d3 and plans to release it this spring. I was hoping for a phat advance, and unfortunately I won’t be getting one. But the publisher does offer me a decent cut of the royalties, plus professional editing, worldwide distribution and a few reviews for the book. So I can’t complain. Plus it’s only a 2-year deal, so if things don’t pan out I can shop my book elsewhere…and if the book does sell well, I can ask for a bigger cut when it’s time to renew.

So now comes the hardest part of this process: actually getting people to buy the darned thing and read it. Even though this is technically my fourth published book, I’m still an unknown, unproven author, so it will be hard to get folks to give the story a try. (for those who are wondering: “The Leopard Man” was a YA story I published through Lame-@$$ Publish America, “Double Entry” was a melodrama I put out through Red Rose Publishing, and I also count the self-published trade paperback of the first storyarc of this very action webcomic, “The Seizure”). I’ve got a small network of people who support my writing, and any book reviews would help, but I’m thinking beyond all of that. I want this novel to be a smash success, and the key to that is marketing.

There are so many cool things I can do to promote this novel. I’ve already recorded a 14-song movie score for the book, and it just needs to be mixed down. The story lends itself well to illustrations, mainly illustrations of the monsters. And since the whole idea of the book came from gaming, the story is perfectly adaptable to both tabletop and video games. And, of course, there’s the usual marketing tools: hiring a publicist, book trailers on Youtube, a cutting edge website, radio and magazine ads, book signings and interviews, a smartphone and tablet app, etc. etc. Good thing I’m learning Javascript and HTML5/CSS3 right now: looks like I’m going to need it.

The major barrier to all of this is capital, mainly the fact that I don’t have any. I just got a price quote from Grefuga Studios (the guys hosting this here action webcomic, who happen to also dabble in video games), and they told me that at the bare minimum it would cost me $10,000 to commission them to do a G0dM0d3 video game in HTML5. And I’d have to provide all of the artwork, which means coughing up more loot to hire some of the awesome illustrators in my network to give me some game art, or taking the huge amount of time to draw everything myself. On top of that, it also costs money to hire said publicist, set up the website, produce the trailer & ads, distribute the movie score, travel for the book signings, develop the app, and do whatever else is necessary for me to land my holy grail: the elusive MOVIE DEAL (which I spoke about at length here.)

My first and best idea is to go the crowdfunding route. Set up a few accounts on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Invested.in, make my pitch and offer my rewards, and see how much luchiano I can raise to get this show on the road. But I have doubts that this will work. See, I’ve done crowdfunding campaigns before, and I have friends who’ve done crowdfunding campaigns. Between all of our campaigns, we’ve managed to raise about $115 ($40 for one guy’s project, $75 for another guy’s project, $0 for mine). Which leads me to believe that the people in my network might not be relied on to pony up a lot of funds to help promote this project (even though the swag they’d get would be sweet). I hope I’m wrong.

So keep on the lookout for a few crowdfunding campaigns for G0dM0d3, with some really cool incentives for investing, and hopefully you’ll find it in your heart to help support a good sci-fi biopunk story.