Comic’s name: Axe Cop

Creators: Malachi and Ethan Nicolle


What is the comic about: Follow the crazy, bizarre adventures of a cop. With an axe.

How is comic drawn: Indie-styled art, drawn in grayscale. Characters are cartoony while the backgrounds are pretty detailed.

How often updated: Every Monday…usually.

What else does the website offer: Too many features to name. There’s more stuff on this site than you can shake a stick at. Axe Cop is a phenomenon, and the site’s features reflect it.

What do I think of the site’s overall design: It’s big and bold and unapologetic as a comic like this demands. It manages to compartmentalize everything without any clutter. There’s a LOT of stuff on the site, though, and it’s easy to get lost in all of it. Just make sure we can get to the conic when we need to!

What do I like about the strip:  I heard about the legend of Axe Cop months ago, but I didn’t know it was a webcomic until I took the time to look it up. I HAD to take a gander at it. I was absolutely blown away by the sheer random craziness of the characters and stories. This comic is indeed written by a 5-year old, and what a wonderful thing that is! The unfettered ideas and wild concepts are something that can only come from an imagination unburdened by silly things like reality and physics. As a result, you have NO IDEA what is going to pop out next. It is a lot like one of my all-time favorite comic books, Scud: the Disposable Assassin, in that it tries to cram as many wild ideas into the narrative as will fit, while still telling a good, action-packed story. I hope this kid never grows up. Oh, and the art is pretty good, too.

Why should YOU read it: Axe Cop is a literal sensation in the webcomic (and real comic, and pop culture) world. Read this strip RIGHT NOW to find out for yourself why.

ESRB rating: All Ages.