For those who don’t know, I’m int he process of finalizing a brand new umbrella site which will be the hub for all of my creative and entrepreneurial projects (including this action webcomic). I want the launch of it to coincide with the release of my next novel, Godmode, through Necro Publications. There is one small issue that I’m dealing with, though.

Now, I’m going to have to tread very carefully with this post. I have to word things right, or I could face some serious consequences.

The issue is whether or not to host banners on the site. I’m all for additional streams of revenue (as you can obviously tell), but I’m also a designer, and when I started creating my new site, I wanted it to look a certain way. I came pretty close to my initial vision of the site, but I fear that adding the bannerspace would make my website look a bit tacky.

I know there are some sites that were able to beautifully incorporate that onto their sites, but then I’ve seen some pretty bad ones, too. Looks like they were just thrown on there ipso facto. I really don’t want my site to fall into the latter category, but I’d have to completely redesign the layout for the site to incorporate the banners smoothly.

Regardless of which was ┬ádecide to go, the site will be ready to launch soon. I’m currently tweaking the blog to fit thematically with the site. Yes, I will be trying to maintain two blogs. I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to pull this off: it’s hard enough thinking of something to blog about week in and week out on one site, let alone two. But i’ll figure something out.

Finally, work is underway at relaunching Weekend Heroes. I’ll still be posting the new pages on this action webcomic, but i’ll be showing all of the Weekend Heroes pages in order from the start, and I’ll be starting it off with a brand new Weekend Heroes pinup which will probably end up as the cover for the collected edition if and when one is ever printed.