Comic’s name: Grrl power

Creators: David Barrack


What is the comic about: A comic book shop owner gains powers and enters the wild, wacky world of being a superheroine.

How is comic drawn: Hybrid of Anime and American style. Coloring is Anime-styled cel shading.

How often updated: Every Monday

What else does the website offer: Cast Bios, Forum, Blog, Deviantart portfolio,

What do I think of the site’s overall design: This is a very technical-looking design with an emphasis on buttons and gizmos. I like how there is a short list of bios of the characters that appear on a given page on the side of the comic for easy reference. Site is easy to navigate, and nothing gets in the way of the art.

What do I like about the strip:  Day-in-the-life stories are pretty good for superheroes when done well. And this story covers that aspect of the superhero life quite well. The characters are unique despite fitting into superhero girl tropes, and the manga stylings add a great touch of humor to the overall story.

Why should YOU read it: This is one of the web’s most popular webcomics for a reason. Check it out and find out why for yourself.

ESRB rating: PG14 (potty mouths abound).