Nothing new to blog about today.

Okay, that’s actually wrong. There’s PLENTY to blog about, from my reaction to Wrestlemania and the Raw afterwards (Fandango managed to get over with the crowd using just a theme song. that’s amazing to me), to Trey Burke going Pro, to the current state of the Marvel and DC universes (For the record, the whole “First Lantern” event in Green Lantern didn’t do anything for me), to the current state of webcomics in general, and mine specifically. (I really need to come up with some more informative posts about the business. That’s where the majority of my traffic comes from).
But I don’t feel like posting anything today.

So What I’m going to do instead is drop a shameless plug of my new Hip-Hop album, “Chapter 2.” It’s actually a free album (but if you INSIST on paying for it, you have that option, too.) Give it a listen at and let me know what you think of it.