Comic’s name: Table Titans

Creators: Scott Kurtz


What is the comic about: Follow the adventures (both real and imagined) of a group of tabletop RPGers.

How is comic drawn: This is done in the quirky, stylized cartoon style of PvP, The Trenches and Penny Arcade.

How often updated: Every Tuesday and Thursday.

What else does the website offer: Archives, bestiary section describing popular RPG monsters, Gaming tips, Fan stories, PvP shopzone, This is basically a Mecca for RPGers to hang out at.

What do I think of the site’s overall design: The background is woodgrain like on a table, and the content is arranged to look like a RPG character sheet. There’s even a 20-sided dice holding the banner ad down. Everything is neat and brilliantly compartmentalized, and the blue handwritten font in certain spots is a nice touch. This is masterful web design.

What do I like about the strip:  A long time ago, I used to enjoy an indie comic called “Knights of the Dinner Table” which chronicled a group of RPG gamers during their hilarious games. I don’t think a comic made me laugh that hard since Ambush Bug crossed paths with Superman, and not until I read Quantum & Woody did I find anything remotely as funny. After college, the book became harder and harder to find, and I thought I would never see tabletop RPGing humor again…until now.

Granted, I’ve personally never been a big fan of tabletop RPGs (tried it a few times with a buddy, but couldn’t find anyone who wanted to be Dungeon Master, and a RPG game isn’t fun unless you’ve got at least 3 people playing), but I am familiar with the world and culture, so I was immediately able to get the humor. On top of that, this is Scott Effing Kurtz writing and drawing the thing, so you know it’s going to be a quality product.

Why should YOU read it: If you were ever intrigued by Dungeons & Dragons, then your life isn’t complete until you check out this webcomic.

ESRB rating: All Ages.