If you haven’t seen my Facebook post, I am happy to announce that the script for Chapter 6 of this action webcomic is FINALLY finished. I took the story in different direction than my original plans, but I think this will help develop the characters better. But I haven’t even started writing chapter 7 yet, and you guys know I don’t want to start posting pages until at least two chapters are ready to go. That’s one reason why my planned extended indefinite break from this action webcomic is still on schedule. The other reason is a bit deeper.

See, this is a very busy time for me. In addition to this action webcomic, I’ve also just released my next solo music project, “Chapter 2” and I’m making efforts to promote that. (you can download your copy of it for free at http://jugghead.bandcamp.com). I’m now reposting my WEEKEND HEROES webcomic on a weekly basis. I’ve also got a couple of high profile graphics clients I’m trying to land for some freelance work, along with the neverending quest for a better dayjob. But the main thing that is going to eat up my time is Godmode. That novel is very close to being released, and I have an extensive battleplan to get the book maximum exposure and promotion, and maybe even try to land that elusive movie deal. I’m talking everything from a website with exclusive content, to book readings wherever I can get them, to a movie score. So that is what’s going to be taking up the vast majority of my time and energy.

So where does that leave this website? I have the cover for chapter 6 ready to go, so I need to decide whether to post that or wait until the whole chapter is ready to post before putting it out. In the meantime, I plan to still continue my webcomic reviews. There’s a ton of good stuff out there, and I intend to tell you all about as much of it as I can, from the big stuff by the major players in the game, all the way to the obscure stuff you might not find any other way. and once again, i’m only going to review strips I actually like. I’m not going to waste your time talking about the stuff that’s not worth reading.