This is it! Welcome, one and all, to the official relaunch of my franchise action webcomic, The Seizure. There are still a few minor kinks to be ironed out, but for the most part we’re ready to go.
“What is The Seizure?” you may ask. Well, The Seizure is an eternal force of destruction that must contend with a teenage kid every time mankind comes up with a major new development, like technology or spellcraft. Recently there has been a huge battle between The Seizure and a junior high school kid named Bobby for control over superhuman abilities commonly seen in supreheroes (you can read all about that here.). We’re starting a new, epic storyarc three years after that battle. So get in on the ground floor and check out an awesome action webcomic! I add a new page every Monday.

But The Seizure is a lot more than just an action webcomic. It’s a complete franchise, and I have some big plans for this story and for these characters. As you’ve seen on some of these previous posts, I am planning a fast-paced, battle-themed action card game based on the property, and I’m in talks with some animators I know to possibly put together an animated version of the first Seizure storyarc…which just happens to be available here as a graphic novel.

If you like the story, show The Seizure some support! We have T-shirts and other merchandise available in the shop zone, and you can even invest directly into the Seizure property via the “Support The Seizure” link at the top of this page. This is going to be a wild ride for this action webcomic, and I’m glad to have you aboard!