I hope you guys have been enjoying this action webcomic so far. I’ve been trying to have the right mixture of action and character development, and I hope I’ve created an engaging story that makes you want to know what happens next. I wish the art could be better, and I admit that’s not the strongest part of this story, but then again, I’ve seen successful comix with worse art.

Well, this is the second -to-last new comic page for a while. I’ve decided that while I’ll be taking a break from writing and drawing new pages for this aciton webcomic, I will still continue my webcomic recommendations. I just put the word out on Linkedin that I’m looking for new wqebcomics to review, and the response has been overwhelming.

So I’m going to extend the invite to you, too. If you know of any cool webcomics you want me to take a look at, or if you yourself have a webcomic you think I’d like, then send me the URL. You can post it to me any way you want: via commenting on this site, or on the Facebook page, or via Twitter, or whatever.