Well, here it is: the final page of chapter five for this action webcomic. I hope I’ve left you wanting more. Like I said, the script for chapter 6 is complete, but in all honesty it’s going to be a while before I do the artwork. I want to at least have chapter 7 written when i start drawing chapter 6, and I’ve got a ton of projects that take priority over this action webcomic right now.

As I mentioned last week, Godmode is now my top priority, from fleshing out the website to promoting the book when it drops to somehow landing an agent to help get it in front of movie studios. I’ve been clearing my plate of projects to make this happen. On top of that, my search for a new full-time job is going to intensify. I’m dipping my foot into the web design field to see if I can have better fortune than going the graphic design/production art route. I’ll also be more aggressively looking for work outside of Michigan and increasing my load of freelance work, so if you have a lead, send it.

But like I said earlier, i won’t be completely abandoning this action webcomic. I will still be posting recommendations of other cool webcomics to check out, and I’ve just been given a slew of new leads via Linkedin. So please keep coming back on Wednesdays to check those out.