Comic’s name: Lab Bratz

Creators: Ed Dunphy and Helber Soares


What is the comic about: From their website: “Follow the weekly adventures of the Chang and Ruby labs as they compete to find a comedic cure for life (huh? I guess that would be Death. Let’s skip that analogy for now). It’s a classic, epic, no; an AWESOME cartoon battle of rich lab vs. poor lab, featuring lab techs on fire for science (often literally), sleep-deprived post-doctoral students pulling all-nighters in front of the coffee maker, and the silliest gaggle of graduate students to ever pirate music off the Internet.”.

How is comic drawn: Drawn in cartoony Sunday-Funnies style, but with lots of intricate rendering. Coloring mostly done in pastels.

How often updated: inconsistent update schedule, usually weekly on Wednesdays.

What else does the website offer: Cast Bios, News, Shopzone, Archives. I think this site could benefit from more Science stuff, maybe a section where they highlight humorous science articles or funny moments in hard science. I think it would add a nice touch to the site and give people something else to visit the webcomic for.

What do I think of the site’s overall design: Simple, clean design. The ads seem like they were just thrown on, though. They need a more uniform layout.

What do I like about the strip:  I make no apologies for being a nerd. In school I was pretty proficient in Science class (my grades started slipping in senior year because the subject – and the teacher – got boring and I tuned him out), and had I not focused on my artistic and creative talents, I might have gone into the sciences as a profession (mainly because this cute girl I had a crush on wanted to be a scientist, but I digress). I’ve got nothing but respect for scientists and their culture. And to see their foibles presented in a humorous way humanizes them and makes me care a bit more about the men and women in the lab coats, to the point where I almost feel bad about massacring so many of them in my upcoming “Godmode” novel (via Necro Publications. Pre-Order your copy now!). Almost.

I also appreciate the gag-a-day style of the strip. Hard Science can be a pretty complicated thing to read into, and this strip presents it in small, more digestible bits. Nothing too grand or epic, and nothing that would go that far over your head.

Why should YOU read it: Science is not something to be afraid of. It’s actually pretty funny, and LabBratz proves it. Think “Big Bang Theory” for professional nerds.

ESRB rating: All Ages.