Well, I’ve finally had to admit it. This webcomic is not going to be finished anytime soon. Maybe not ever.

Sorry, everybody. I’ve gotten so caught up in life with new jobs, freelancing and personal projects I haven’t had time to work on The Seizure. I’ve devoted a ton of time to Promoting my sci-fi novel Godmode, and I just re-published my e-book Double Entry because the original publisher went out of business.

In addition to that, I’ve been getting back into my music, and have a new album on the way. (learn more about it – and preorder your copy here). And I’m writing two new books concurrently as you read this.

Quite frankly, The Seizure is the bottommost priority for me right now and for the forseeable future. The site has fallen into disarray from neglect, and many of the plugins don’t even work anymore. This includes Googleads. I was able to make a few bucks, but some very bad decisions on my part have gotten me into hot water with those guys, and my account got cancelled.

I have scripts written for this webcomic up through chapter 9 (the whole story is ten chapters long). But I just don’t have the motivation to start drawing, scanning, coloring and lettering again. A huge part of that is because I wasn’t very happy with how the art for the rest of the series came out. I think I had good ideas, but the execution was very hit-and-miss, and I think it was more miss than hit. The characters weren’t very consistent, a lot of the art looked rushed (because it was), and I never could get the colors to look right – I always struggle with light and shadow.

Ultimately, this project was really a showcase of my various skills to get me considered for a job in the creative or marketing fields, as well as being a potential source of supplemental income. Mission accomplished on both ends. Once this site has run its course – I will not be renewing the domain next year – I will probably repost the entire webcomic (volumes one and two) on a new, free, comic hosting service. Who knows? maybe by then I’ll have a change of heart and actually finish the next four chapters. Stranger things have happened.

In the meantime, This webcomic has a spinoff you can check out. The pathetic superteam The Weekend Heroes that you saw in this very webcomic have their own story to tell, and you’ll find it at their webcomic here. ┬áThis comic updates sporatically, but I do have a couple of more stories about these guys that are already inked and lettered, and i will post them eventually.

Thanks to everyone that supported this action webcomic over the years. Why don’tcha support my new ventures over at www.quanwilliams.com?