So here we go. First page of the new storyarc for this action webcomic, here for your perusal.Sorry it took till the end of the day to post, though. I’m working on a massive project for one of my graphics clients, and it took up most of my day. Gotta pay the bills, ya know (at least until lovely people like you start buying more SEIZURE graphic novels and merchandise, available in the “store” section of this action webcomic!).
Here’s a little tidbit of trivia. The leader of “The Omega Sanction” is actually my avatar in the popular Facebook game “Superhero City.” I’ve been playing it for about a year and a half, and I’m up to about level 230. It’s a pretty fun game, if you’re into Facebook RPGs and superheroes. They always add new powers, weapons and costumes, often based on stuff going on in current pop culture. if you play, consider joining my team. You Too can me a member of “The Omega Sanction!”
I plan to start drawing chapter 2 soon. Things have been so hectic lately, it’s been hard to make time to draw. But now that this action webcomic is rolling, I can’t let the momentum slow down. And I’m still working out some bugs for this site, so be patient with me. See you next week!